Ananda Sambada


The Archives has been going in one form or another for around three decades, and began with the Tape Ministry at Bhubaneswar, with various branches appearing around the world, involving various devotees like Nimai Pandit das, Rasikananda das, Ananta das, Nalini devi dasi, and Janeshwar das. After Srila Gurudeva left this world, the tape minsistries morphed into the Archives project, and involved devotees in the USA, Dhruva Maharaja das in Bhubaneswar, Govindananda das in Australia, and Titiksu and Jayanti Sri dasi based in France. So much work has been done by various devotees over the years to ensure that the Srila Gurudeva's recordings and other material relating to His Divine Grace has been protected and saved for posterity. In 2020, Abhirama das has taken charge of the Archives project in Bhubansewar, under the direction of HH Haladhara Swami, with an intention to professionalise the project.

Srila Gurudeva’s Archives (at Bhubaneswar)

Abhirama prabhu writes -

When I first met Haladhar Maharaja in Vrindavan I was deeply moved and inspired by his authenticity and deep spiritual realisations and so I took shelter from him and offered to help him. Since then he has asked me to help with Gurudeva's lectures in various ways. At the Smriti Sanga he announced that he would like me to help with the tape ministry here, taking care of all of Gurudeva's recordings and making them ready for uploading online so that everyone in the world can access all of Gurudeva's teachings. On Rama Navami I moved everything out of the old tape ministry room, which was cluttered, dirty and neglected for years, and relocated it all to my office/room in the new brahmacari ashram that has recently been constructed here. I cleaned everything and set up an office here for Gurudeva's Archives. Since Rama Navami I have edited and remastered over 100 audio recordings, which are ready to be uploaded online. My mother (Anuradha dasi) has transcribed many lectures and several other devotees have been helping with editing and so on.

The objective of this project is to preserve and present all of Gurudeva's materials freely to the whole world. We have thousands of lectures and hundreds of videos, and relatively very few of these have been made available online yet, so my goal is to share it all freely with as many people as possible so that everyone can benefit from Gurudeva's teachings and so that many more people will realise what an amazing Sadhu Vaisnava our Gurudeva is. I am working closely with Madhavananda Prabhu, who has been kind enough to share hundreds of transcriptions and various other materials with me. There is a mutual benefit for all the Godfamily to help with this project, because we will share everything with everyone at no cost, so everyone will benefit. We really need help and support and I humbly beg everyone to please consider helping me if possible, this is a really huge task and, honestly, I feel a little overwhelmed by the scale of what I need to accomplish.

The plan for the future is to continue editing and remastering audio, and then also do the same with video, and upload all the materials online and share it with the world. We need as many lectures as possible to also be transcribed and for transcriptions and subtitles be available to the audience because it makes it so much easier to understand and relish Gurudeva's lectures. I really need help with this project so if anyone wants to get in touch please give them my email. The Archives will be based here in Bhubaneswar and this is the main office for the Archives so anyone who has original recordings can please get in touch with us as soon as possible because we need to preserve and duplicate those recordings so that back-ups are kept and so that we can present a complete collection. It is imperative that we back up everything here because originals will deteriorate.

The main base is here in Bhubaneswar which is Gurudeva's home and so I encourage all devotees to please contact me in regards to preserving and presenting the complete collection of Gurudeva's materials here in Bhubaneswar. We absolutely need to have the complete collection based here, for many reasons. Obviously, everyone from around the world will benefit from this also because we will be putting everything online for free. The project and ongoing website costs and so on will be maintained by donations only, and people will not need to pay to access Gurudeva's teachings. We want his complete teachings to reach as many people as possible.

Thank you prabhuji. Your humble servant, Abhirama Dasa

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