Ananda Sambada

Oriya Biographies of Mahaprabhu

There were many biographies written shortly after Mahaprabhu left this world. Some were written directly by eye witnesses to the events, and others were written by those who heard directly from eye witnesses, as well as from diaries and other sources. These biographies are written in primarily the Bengali and Oriya languages, with one or two in Sanskrit. Whilst the main Bengali language biographies have been translated into the English, French, German, Russian and many other world languages, the Oriya language biographies have not.

Sri Jagannath Misra das, the disciple of Srila Gour Govinda Swami, is now in the process of translating many of these works, to be eventually published and available to the English reading public for the first time. He has already translated Maha-Bhava Prakash by Kanhaiya Kunthiya, including the introduction by the late Dr Fakir Mohan Das, which was often quoted by our beloved Guru Maharaja; and he has also completed the Vaisnava Lilamrta which was written by a direct disciple of Gadadhar Pandit, a personal assistant of Ramananda Raya, called Madhava Pattanayak, in 1535. He is presently translating the Gauranga Bhagavat, which was also   written at the time of Mahaprabhu, by Bhagavan Das, and also Caitanya cakada by Govinda Das Babaji.

We are really excited about this project of translating these Oriya manuscripts written in Puri, whilst Prema Purusottama Sree Gauranga Mahaprabhu was manifesting his lila in Nilacala Dham. If any devotee who is visiting BBSR could possibly get in touch with us, as the Oriya Brahmacaris are fully engaged in service and have no time to search for books. Misra knows where all the bookshops are, and can call the bookstore in advance to save a wasted journey. We just need someone keen enough to help us with this project to jump on a bus to Cuttack; the three major dharma book stores are situated in the main bus stand itself in Cuttack where all the buses go called badambadi bus stand.  (Please click on the highlighted names above to see some exerpts and summaries.)

Jagannath Misra is currently appealing for help in obtaining Oriya copies of some of these works, and asks that, if you are able to, please send him copies of these following works.

(1) Caitanya Vilasa by Madhava Pattanayak. (author of the Vaisnava lilamrita)

(2) Jagannath Caritamrita by Dibakar Das.

(3) Caitanya Bhagavat by Iswara Das.

(4) Caitanya Cakada by Govinda Das Babaji.

(5) Bhava Samudra by the Panca-Sakha Balarama Das ( this is mentioned at the end of Chapter 5 of Vaisnava Lilamrita; herein he writes of his lila with Lord Jagannath during the Ratha-yatra.)

(6) Vidagdha Cintamani by Abhimanyu Samanta Singara Mahapatra. Written in 1679.

Please see an appeal for help on our 'News and Appeals' page, and feel free to contact Jagannath Misra prabhu about this project