Ananda Sambada

Some Disciples

Sri Radha Vinode das Prabhu and Srimati Sandha devi dasi

Radha Vinode das and Sandha devi dasi were known as Ravindra Kumar and Sarojbola Mohanty prior to joining Iskcon in 1993. they come from Aul, near Kendarapara. They became initiated disciples of our beloved Srila Gurudeva on Janmastami in 1995. Prabhu was a police officer and Mataji was a seniour nurse at a hospital in Cuttack. They are now retired and currently live in the City of Cuttack. 

Sri Dindayal das Prabhu

Debendra Prashad Jena from Chudamani, Bhadrak district, first came to Iskcon in 1981 and became an initiated disciple of Srila Gurudeva on Rama Navami 1985. From then on he is known as Dindayal das. At that time there weren't many devotees staying at the Temple, so prabhu did different sevas, including gardening and working in both the devotee and deity kitchens. His profession was in education as a private tutor.

(Purandar Acarya das)

Srimati Barangaja devi dasi

Barangaja devi dasi was born in Jara Village, Medinipur, West Bengal, and was known as Bandana Banerjee prior to becoming an initiated disciple of Gurudeva. She joined Iskcon at Bhubaneswar in 1986 and took initiation in 1991. Mataji used to spend time serving our Gurudeva, assisting Sadhu prabhu in the kitchen with cooking for His Divine Grace, cutting vegetables, cleaning up etc. After Gurudeva left this world, then Mataji would make garlands in the Temple. Her daughter, Sarada devi dasi, is next.

(Purandar Acarya das)

Srimati Sarada devi dasi

Sarada devi dasi joined Iskcon in 1986 at the Bhubaneswar Temple and became initiated disciple of our Guru Maharaja in 1992. She originally comes from Medinipur district in West Bengal, along with her mother Srimati Barangaja devi dasi, and was previously known as Sampa Mishra. Her service was cooking, making garlands and many other temple services. 

(Purandar Acarya das)

Sri Madhaba das Prabhu and Srimati Sulava devi dasi

Madhaba das prabhu (previously Govinda Parida) comes originally from Kalaspur, and Mataji Sulava devi dasi (previously Susanti Parida) from Taripatna, both Kendarapara district. Prabhu worked in government position and was initiated during Janmastami, 1985. Mataji was initiated the following year on Radhastami. As grhastas they would come to the Temple for festivals and give financial support, but also hold programs at their home. Mataji has recently passed away.

(Purandar Acarya das)

Sri Narayana das Prabhu and Srimati Suprema devi dasi

Narayana das prabhu was originaly known as Narendranath Paital and was born in Dahimach, Kendarapara, and Suprema devi dasi was previously known as Sanghamitra Nayak and was born in Garam, Jagatsinghpur (she is the daughter of Swayambhu Swami Maharaja and his purvashram wife, Manjulata devi dasi). Prabhu's previous occupation was as school headmaster and mataji is a school teacher. Mataji first joined Iskcon in 1974, and Guru Maharaja would regularly visit her family home. Prabhu joined The Society in 1982 and they both became initiated disciples of Srila Gurudeva in 1985.

(Purandar Acarya das)

H.H. Sripad Bhakti Dayita Adipurusa Swami

Adi Purusa prabhu (as he was) took initiation from our beloved Srila Gurudeva in December 1989, and for many years he dedicatedly served The Lord as one of the  pujaris at The Krishna Balarama Temple in Bhubaneswar. He is now a sannyasi in Iskcon known as Bhakti Dayita Adipurusha Swami.

Srimati Subarna Manjari devi dasi

Srimati Subarna Manjari devi dasi is another daughter of Swayambhu Maharaja (in his purvasrama) and Manjulata devi dasi. She was known as Sujata Nayak and was born in Garam, Jagatsinghpur. Mataji was married to Srila Gurudeva's dear disciple Sripad Kalakantha prabhu. She first came to Iskcon in 1974 and took initiation from Srila Gurudeva in 1985 with the first group of disciples. 

(Purandar Acarya das)

Sri Adwaitasimha das Prabhu and Srimati Svadha devi dasi 

Adwaitasimha das prabhu and Swadha devi dasi first came to Iskcon in 1990, visiting the temple in New York, U.S.A. They took initiation from Srila Gurudeva in 1992, at the Temple, where the became sevaites to the deities there. Prabhu and Mataji now live in Ahmedabad, India, where Adwaitasimha prabhu is the Temple vice-president.

(Purandar Acarya das)

Srimati Damini devi dasi

Damini devi dasi first met Srila Gurudeva at Alachua in U.S.A. back in 1991. She moved to Bhubaneswar in October, 1992, and took initiation on Nityananda Trayodasi the next year. Mataji spent much time on the Nama Hatta program and travelling on Padayatra in Orissa. She also did seva making garlands and on the maha prashad stand. Mataji spent time in Gadei giri and for years has lived in Mayapur dhama where she used to teach in the gurukula, and now does temple seva during festivals and teaches devotees online. 

Sri Premananda das Prabhu

Premananda das was previously known as Priyabrata Sar and first came to Iskcon in 1993. The next year prabhu took initiaon on Ram Navami, and did seva with the Oriya BBT and the IYF. Prabhu was co-president at the Temple for many years.

(Purandar Acarya das)

Sri Bani Krsna das Prabhu

Bani Krsna das, who was previously known as Biranchi Narayana Das, was born in Jagatsinghpur, and came to Iskcon Bhubaneswar in 1982. Prabhu took initiation in 1985 and before he retired, he worked in government service as a hospital clerk.

(Purandar Acarya das)

Sri Gopinath Acarya das Prabhu and Srimati Sumangala devi dasi

Gouranga Candra Panda, from Panabaraja, Baleswar, was working for the Governement in the Railway department when he met our Guru Maharaja in 1986. Prabhuji, along with his wife Sumitra, took initiation from Srila Gurudeva in 1995, being given the names Gopinath Acarya das and Sumangala devi dasi. They are now retired and reside in Sri Puri dhama.

(Purandar Acarya das)

Srimati Urmila devi dasi

Mataji, who was known as Udayamani Panda before initiation, is the mother of Gopinath Acarya prabhu. She also first met Srila Gurudeva in 1986 and took initiation in 1995. Urmila Mataji lives with her son and daughter-in-law in Puri dhama.

(Purandar Acarya das)

Sri Rama Vallabha das Prabhu

Radhakrishnan s/o Karupiah met Srila Gurudeva for the first time in 1991 on Guru Maharaja's visit to Singapore. In October the next year, prabhu took initiation from Guru Maharaja and was given the name Rama Vallabha das. Prabhuji is a Pujari.

Sri Ajita das Prabhu

Ajita prabhu first met Srila Gurudeva in 1986 and then took initiation ten years later, leaving behind his old name Achutananda Bhoi. Prabhuji's seva was in the temple gardens. Ajit prabhu now livs in Vrnadavan dhama with his family.

Sri Trivikrama das Prabhuji

Originally from the village of Pipala (near Jantaribol) in Dhenkanal district, and previously known as Trilochana Mohanty (born 26th January 1950), Trivikrama das prabhu became an initiated disciple of Srila Gurudeva on Ramnavami, 1986. Prabhu is a poet and also wrote the scripts for many of the dramas performed at our Bhubaneswar Temple, such as the story of Jagai and Madhai, Sakshi Gopal and so on. Prabhu was a close friend to our dear Gurubhai Sri Caitanya candra das prabhuji, and used to spend time with him in Gadei giri. Previously a grhasta, prabhu now resides in his Ashram in a village near Jantaribol, doing bhajan, sadhana.

(Purandar Acarya das)

Sri Gunarnava das Prabhu and Srimati Sughanda devi dasi

Girish Candra Nanda was born at Jantaribol, Dhenkanal district on the 4th of July, 1967. When prabhu met our Guru Maharaja he was a practising lawyer. Gunarnava prabhu became an initiated disciple at Ramnavami time, 1986. Prabhu left his job to serve Srila Gurudeva full time and became a famous kitaneer, travelling with the preaching parties, the festival program and the padayatra. Nowadays, prabhuji is pretty much the main kirtaneer at our Bhubaneswar Temple. 

Subhasini samal was born on the 12th of December, 1975 in Bandhasahi, Kendarapara district. She met the devotees in 1993 and would engage herself fully in serving the padayatra program, and would make garlands at the Temple for Srila Gurudeva, Srila Prabhupada and the deities.  Mataji became an initiated disciple of our Guru Maharaja during Janmastami time in 1995. She now arranges the 24 hours kirtan programs at the Temple during our beloved Srila Gurudeva's Vyasa puja and tirobhava festivals.

This wonderful devotee couple live in a small home, along with their son and two daughters.

(Purandar Acarya das)