Ananda Sambada


Paramananda He Madhava

composed by Srila Jagannatha Das Babaji

(a new translation by Sri Jagannath Misra das)

paramānanda he mādhava

pādungalucī makarāṇḍa

se-makarāṇḍa pana-kari

ānande bolo 'hari hari'

harińka nāme vandha vela

pari karive caka-dola


mana-mo rahu nirantare

mana mo nirantare rahū

'hā-kṛṣṇa' boli jivā jāu

mote udhāra rādhā-dhava

Madhava, the height of bliss is yours replete,

Sweet nectar oozes from your lotus feet,

So let us quaff and sip this pure honey,

And in deep joy then sing Hari Hari,

Upon a raft of Hari's name I'll ride,

'Round-Eyes' will bring me to the other side,

And may Round Eyes feet always thus find rest,

Within my mind forever manifest,

And so my mind constantly thus shall dwell,

When dying' Ha- Krsna' my tongue shall tell,

Saying Ha-Krsna this life I will vacate,

Radha's Lord thus will I then liberate.

paramānanda he Mādhava paduṅgaluci makaranda

se-makaranda pāna-kari ānande bolo ‘Hari Hari’

Hariṅka nāme vānda velā pāri karibe cakā-dolā

se-cakā-dolāṅka-pāyāre mana-mo rahu nirantare

mana mo nirantare rahu ‘hā-Kṛṣṇa’ boli jīva jāu

hā-Kṛṣṇa boli jāu jīva mote udhāra Rādhā-dhava

mote udhāra Rādhā-dhava mote udhāra Rādhā-dhava

“O supremely blissful Madhava! The nectar is coming from Your lotus feet. Drinking that nectar, I blissfully sing ‘Hari! Hari!’ With the name of Hari I am binding a raft on which Lord Jagannatha will ferry me across this ocean of material existence. My mind always remains at the lotus feet of that Lord Jagannatha who has very large round eyes. In this way, I call out “Ha Krishna!” and give up my life. O husband of Radharani, please deliver me.”