Ananda Sambada

Ananda Sambada Newsletter

Ananda Sambada, or 'Blissful News', began life in 1991 as the Krishna Balaram Temple (Bhubaneswar) Construction Fund Newsletter, set up by Janeshwar das under the direction and guidance of Srila Gour Govinda Swami. At the time, the Temple was not yet complete and the newsletter was sent to devotees who were raising funds for the Temple project, to keep them up to date with the latest developments on the ground, also printing the words of our beloved spiritual master.

Srila Gurudeva wrote to Janeshwar in 1992, "Thank you very much for the copies of the Newsletter, it is very nice to see the new presentation of the Krishna Balarama Temple Construction Fund Newsletter. The real business of the dicsciple is to simple serve the will, purpose and desire of the spiritual master, and then the life of the disciple will become perfect. in this way, one can become the recipient of the full mercy of the spiritual master."

After some time, the newsletter became known as Gurudeva Siksamrta, focusing more on Srila Gurudeva's activities and teachings, as well as carrying news of anything connected with him. It became the newsletter for the disciples and followers of Sri Srimad Gour Govinda Swami.

The newsletter was never a professional publication, and indeed, Srila Gurudeva once told Janeshwar not to worry about making it a polished publication, but that he should never stop publishing it. He wrote "Your endeavour for bringing out this newsletter is really praise-worthy. I am also happy for this newsletter because it will partially bridge the gap between the devotees." Thirty years later, the newsletter, now known as Ananda Sambada, is still published, irregualarly, and can be found on Facebook, YouTube and on other media platforms.