Ananda Sambada

The Temples - Jantaribol

The Story of the Temple at Jantaribol as told by Gunarnava prabhu

Sri Sri Goura Nityananda Paramarthika Sevashrama is a spiritual oasis founded by Sri Srimad Gour Govinda Swami Gurudeva in the early eighties. It is situated nearby a rural Odishan village near Jantaribol, Kamakhya Nagar, district Dhenkanal. This area in the mid-Odishan region is surrounded by beautiful scenic sal trees and forested hilltops.

The story begins like this; almost six decades ago one wandering saint from Alekh Mahima sect (worshippers of impersonal Brahman) came to the village Jantaribol and approached one tribal family for accepting bhikya, to eat some cooked food. The sadhu told them, I will go take bath, and will return after some time, when your cooking would be ready. That sadhu left, after some time the tribal family finished their cooking and waited for that sadhu to come back for eating. They wait hours, but the sadhu did not return. The tribal couple sent their child to find the sadhu, and so the child went with his other friends and searched around. They cam to the village pond, where people take bath, but they did not find him, then they started to search the forest groves, and the hilltop. They found the sadhu sitting in meditation next to the crematorium ground, where the villagers would burn the dead. The kids shouted, “O baba please come back, don’t sit in that untouchable place,” hearing the noise that Alekh baba broke his meditation and came back to that family to accept bhikhya. The tribal house holder became greatly worried because it had become quite late. They ask to that baba, where have you been, what are you doing there? In his reply the baba said, actually after my bath I went to such a place to perform my noon prayer, and when I sat down at that spot I felt some supernatural atmosphere. Then that baba revealed his forecast to the tribal family, that, in future a Mahapurusa would come to this place and make this place bright. At that time in Odisha state such type of Alekh mahima sadhus could predict many things, they could read about the future by the power of their spiritual practices.

Quite a long time later, when Srila Gurudeva came and established that Ashram by cleaning that place, local people made a hut by cutting the branches of a tree and Srila Gurudeva spent his first night.

One older man from that village came to Srila Gurudeva and falled flat infront of Gurudeva, with crying he related this story to him, in a loud voice he announced that, now we could see how the prediction of this place came true. In 1986 Srila Gurudeva went with a few western devotees to this remote place and gave initiation to his disciples for the first time there with a grand festivity. After some time the local devotees constructed a small building where the deity of Sri Sri Goura Nityananda with Patitapabana Jangannath was established with a grand ceremony by His Holiness Bhakti Swarup Damodar Swami Maharaj and The Gajapati King of Puri His Royal Highness Dibyasingha Dev. They both highly praised the sanctity of the place. And after some time Murali Krishna Maharaja visited the place and highly developed the facilities there by spending half a million dollars to complete the magnificent Temple room, a double story guest house, Brahmacari Ashram, water supply and boundary wall, etc. as a service to Srila Gurudeva. One of the older devotees Bhanu Prabhu who passed this world a few years before, recalled how Srila Gurudeva was happy there, and that he likes the place so much and had said that “when I will become old man, I will come and do bhajan here.” Many local people near and far to this place took shelter of Srila Gurudeva’s lotus feet. Now His Holiness Haladhar Swami Maharaja is there enlivening the devotees with spiritual strength by speaking wonderful discourses.